Witnessing Success through Integrity and Truth

There are only a handful of people who truly are inspiring in the live-streaming community today.  At least to me.  Of course there are thousands upon thousands of live streamers.  Several are purely out for themselves and just trying to make some coin from viewers across several avenues of commerce.  There is nothing wrong with this and you can pretty much tell within moments of joining a stream if this is the case.  Also, some have the ability to stream full time, which of course, is pretty awesome if you think about it.  I  always say do what you love.  If this is live streaming full time, then do it wholeheartedly and reach for the stars!  Forget those who are negative.  Let them stand in awe of your success.

Regardless of the intention of the streamer, it really comes down to content, personality, listening, and interacting with viewers.  To me, that is the up most importance and if that is not how to become a top streamer, then I will be happy to stay where I am and just continue to have a solid small loyal viewer base as I have today.  Without viewers, a streamer is just sending white noise out to the endless abyss of the internet.  Every streamer has to remember that to keep from becoming egotistical or taking viewers for granted.


Over the past 24 hours, I had the privilege to watch UnholyTemptress (everyone reading this should head over there and give her a follow. I am positive you will enjoy her streams) celebrate her 9 month streaming anniversary with her viewers.  While I did not attend all of the stream, I was there for several hours on end and popped in throughout her stream to provide some motivation and interact with her viewers.

There are not many people I respect as a live-steamer but I have a pretty good feel for those who have integrity and are honest and true.  She is one of them.  Much respect to her.  She is bold and open with her viewers and always takes the time to read the comments and answer questions when she can.  Her entertainment level is top tier in my books.

When I watch streamers, I try to learn as much as I can from those who I respect.  This will help me become a better streamer myself and also continue to help me grow as an entertainer.  My theory is always brush shoulders with those who you respect as well as those who are leading the charge in the areas of life you want to partake in.  So there I was….learning…growing…and enjoying the entertainment.

Congratulations to UnHoly and her 9 month streaming anniversary!!  I wish you further success in the future.

Stay True!