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Abstract:  I am no one special but many people have asked me for advice on how to get started in blogging, podcasting, or live-streaming.  There seems to be a huge gap in what people are willing to share and how much they are willing to help beginners.  As for me, anything I know I will openly share regardless of how people feel about it that are already doing it.  It promotes unity, builds stronger entertainment, and personally, builds friendships.  Below are some tips that I wanted to share based upon where I am at with my own journey.  I am no better than anyone else nor have I stopped in my quest on climbing this mountain to the top.  In fact, when I reach the peak, some of you will have already made it there because I am pushing you ahead of me.  Regardless, I hope this helps someone in their quest to become the next solid entertainer.  Stay true.


Being as small of a live-streamer and also a blogger and beginner podcaster, many have asked how I have got to where I am and how do I get the viewers that I have (even though they are few in number and never exceeding 100 at this point).  Inside this of course makes me feel good because I know I am doing something right when people look to me and ask for advice even though my journey has only taken a few steps, they are steps in the right direction.  It is also heartwarming to me when I enter someone’s stream or live podcast for the first time and they are calling me a celebrity.  I never knew that I was known like I am because I never really focused on just being known but more so being one who shares everything he knows to help others succeed.  There is a huge difference here.  Please read that last line again.  Egos are for idiots.  After all, we are nothing but the same and no one is higher than the other and those who think they are, are the fools in this life race.

On the contrary, when I enter someone’s stream, I am just as blessed to be there and watch them as they think I am in their channel.  Point being, be humble yes, but never sell yourself short on your own destination and goals.  Be humble and be grateful people are watching you but also be proud of where you are at.  Be proud of what you are doing in this very moment, for it will fuel your next steps…those steps in the right direction.

Do I consider myself an entertainer?  Of course, otherwise I would not enjoy what I am doing.  What about you?  Do you consider yourself an entertainer?  Honestly, even more important than the games I stream, is my interaction with my loyal viewers.  I consider it as close as real-life as possible as if we were just hanging around my living room chatting.  Of course you know the trolls get their asses kicked off the back deck, and quickly escorted out, but you get the idea.  Think about it as just that.  Welcoming new virtual friends into your abode and sharing experiences, stories, and life chatting together.  Make it personal.

From a beginner aspect, there really are not a lot of people who will share what they know because of the risk of losing what they have.  Many do this for a living, including many well-known streamers.  I have asked them on many occasions can you share with me what go you to where you are today and the response was, I cannot because I do this for a living and I do it to make money.  Sharing would be more like giving away trade secrets to a competitor.  I laughed a little in response but respected their decisions of course.  People naturally will protect what they think is theirs to maintain what they got but honest, it is not about that, it’s about the people.  They FAIL to recognize this.  Without viewers, I do not care what you think you are or what you think you have for supposed trade secrets but none of them are a concern without viewers.

So here I come along, a man who believes in learn free, give free.  Probably one working against the grain of full-time streamers but one who thinks EVERYONE should be given a chance at doing what they want to do for their own reasons and if viewers like it, then it is there call but to completely dismiss someone’s’ request for knowledge, to me, is unacceptable and a lack of professionalism.  If someone thinks by sharing they are going to lose out on something, they have already failed and their term of streaming or gaming will be limited.  This goes for anything we do whether live-streaming, podcasting, blogging, making videos and any type of content.  If you think you can do it alone, you have failed already.

So what does it take?  Honestly to me, it takes someone who has a well thought out plan.  Someone who wants to do it for the right reasons, their reasons and someone willing to put in sincere time and dedication.  Note here, this does not mean you have to do it full time, no.  It means when you do, do what you are doing, do it with a full heart and commit to doing it 100% every time.  Do not compromise or change YOU either.  Do not try to become someone else.  Become YOU.

Also, you have to have knowledge of how the pieces and parts work for what you are trying to accomplish.  If it is blogging, then where do you start writing, what is the right platform, and what type of content?  If you are podcasting, what software and hardware do I need for my computer?  Where I should record and what should I record are only a few things.  If you are a live-streamer, what should I stream, how long and on what schedule?  Lots of decisions here and for the beginner, it could deter someone right away from not trying.  And that person who simply did not try because people in the game who are doing it did not share, could have been a missed gem in the entertainment world.

All of the above of course come with viewers.  But how do you get viewership when you are just starting out and it is just you.  Easily.  Here are a couple points to take to heart:

  • Continue to Produce “QUALITY” Content – viewership is a small portion of becoming successful at doing what you are doing.  Yes, they come hand in hand.  Without viewers, your content is just unread/unviewed material in the unexplored portions of the internet.  Likewise, viewers without content, are just people browsing in boredom looking for that right stuff to get involved in, and that right stuff is YOUR STUFF.  Remember that.  You are just as important as anything and anyone else.
  • R E S P E C T I cannot emphasize this more than anything.  If you get anything from this article, take away respect.  For some respect is earned.  Know that when you are an entertainer, you have to respect everyone.  Yes, even the trolls.  This does not mean you have to tolerate them, but they are still people and they are where they are in life.  Respect that.  Do not get me wrong here, I kick trolls out without any prior warnings in my live-stream.  When you come into someone’s channel and they do not show respect, they are out instantly without a second chance.  Respect goes a long way.  By building respect, you will start to build a reputation, if you will, in doing what you are doing and providing the content you are providing.  This mark is the first indicator that you are on the right road.
  • Take Your Time – Build it Right – Many just want instant success overnight.  Hey man, I just started streaming last week and I only got like 2 viewers.  I thought I would have 200 by now.  I am sorry to say, if you are looking for results like this, you are probably misleading yourself and should start over.  You want success that is lasting success not quick success because you will not respect it nor appreciate it.  Yes, you might get the privilege of being bombed by someone famous, but this does not mean you will maintain that.  It was just a quick glimpse of where you will be heading, and keep that view in perspective as you maintain a steady course.
  • Become a Student of Your Chosen Path – This is an important one.  If people are not wiling to share, then you have to find the knowledge yourself.  This means, put on your virtual walking shoes because you have to go out, find the people who provide content that you respect and simply watch, read, or listen on what they do.  Take notes.  Yes, literally take notes guys.  Honestly, this is serious here.  If you want to succeed, you have to be student of the game.  Learning is a two way street.  You have to go out and find the knowledge because it will not just come to you and you also have to take the time to digest it and put it into action yourself.

As an example, when I first started blogging, I already read a ton of material and continue to read that material and more to this date.  When I first started podcasting, you guessed it, I listened to a TON of material.  Commented on their shows, appeared on several of their shows, and simply enjoyed listening to what I was while learning.  Yes, picking things apart, breaking them down, and using the pieces you need to build your own foundation.  Do it your way but learn from everyone.  When I first started streaming, I already watched tons of live-streamers and follow them and watch them every time they are on.  I participated in their shows and contributed to their chartroom conversations, asked questions, and became a member of their virtual space.  A member or participate in their goals and dreams.  Extremely important here guys.  If you help others become successful FIRST, you in turn, will become successful.  It is that easy.  Trust me.

  • Have a Passion for What YOU Do – This is vital.  People naturally will feed off your own energy whether in writing, audio, or live.  If you are not passionate about what you are doing, people will not believe you and they will not be fueled by your emotions.  Get into what you are doing.  Saturate yourself into the content and really love it.  When this shines through, you are well on your way to success and remember, this can happen DAY ONE!

I know this article is pretty long, and honestly, I do not think many will have taken the time to read this far.  If you are one of those who have, I know you will be successful at doing what you want to do because you are taking the time to learn and putting gin the sincere effort.  Nothing comes easy.  You have to put in the time.  If you are looking for shortcuts, just stop right now.  There are no overnight successes.  Learn, take your time, show respect, and continue to build your passion and fuel to make it through the lulls.

  • Build Your Network – Just like in social media, building your network expands your knowledge and education as well as gets you out there in front of potential new viewers and readers.  Never underestimate the power of social media.  Albeit, you have to respect it and respect other people as well, but use it.  Do not spam material.  Do not bombard other people’s content or viewership with your commercials or links to your own stuff.  This goes back to the respect part.  And quite frankly, doing this just makes you look trashy and sloppy, never mind desperate.  It will not get you anywhere.  Remember, no short cuts.  Take your time.  Build your network and expand slowly.  This does not mean build a network of cliques because those always fail and will limit you as well as label you in your growth.  Build a network of solid people you can learn from as well as share with.  Become stronger together with like-minded folks who get it and are on the same path.  Help them first.

What if I tried everything above and it does not seem to be working?  Honestly, it will work.  Go back and really analyze what you are doing.  Where are your gaps or where can you put that little extra effort in to make your content, your show, or your direction better?  Remember, it takes time.  But when the wheels are moving, it is just as important to use the brakes.  Grow at a steady pace but one you can respect and appreciate.  You have to learn to fail to succeed.  You have to stumble and fail a few times in order to have that wisdom to make the next steps.  You have to provide, sometimes, content with mistakes in order to become better.  Regardless, keep trying and never give up.

In the end, I hope you get something out of this long winded post.  There is still so much more I could share and perhaps I will on future posts.  The important thing here is, to take away what you can right now and start putting it into practice.  Get your feet moving.

Good luck on your first steps and never forget to take the next ones.



“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” ~Steve Jobs

Last Modified on April 24, 2014
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