The Social Asylum (My NEW-BREED Streaming Partnership Program)

As of this message, I will be embarking on a campaign to bring forth streamers from around the world to participate in and be a proud member of The Social Asylum (TSA).  This affiliated group of streamers, will partner together to ensure each other is supported while also cross-promoting each other while streaming and on their relative social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, etc).

Imagine a new breed of streamers where we move upward in the streaming world with mutual viewership, strengthening our ability to interact with viewers, be supported, and have a good time playing the games we love to play together.  Well, it has been here and it has already proved to work successfully.  As you know, over the past six weeks, I have been selecting one streamer a week to help promote their channel from a low-viewership channel.  To my amazement, this has worked out for the benefit of many, including one individual (GDace) who has already reached well over 1,000 followers in less than 3 weeks.  Others have been welcomed to join podcasts for the first time, get artwork commissioned from viewers for their own channels and guilds, as well as simply building unity that we all enjoy in a non-trolled environment.

So what does one have to do to be a part of The Social Asylum?  Simply, Read the following if this sounds interesting

  • Apply for Membership directly to
  • Membership email should include:
    (please make sure you include EVERYTHING)

i.      Subject Line: TSA Membership

ii.      Twitch Name/Channel

iii.      Twitter Name

iv.      Email Address

v.      Make your one-time membership donation ($5 minimum)

vi.      Are you willing to support other streamers with the same maturity and respect?

vii.      Why do you want to be a part of this partnership group?

viii.      What can you do or what suggestions do you have to make this partnership club better?

NOTE:  If your application is accepted, you will be contacted via Email for further details.  I reserve the right to accept or reject application(s) and to also revoke membership at any time based upon any actionable or inappropriate actions taken by TSA partners.

  • Respect ALL in TSA
  • TSA partnership must FOLLOW each other
  • Cross-Promote TSA member(s) on your Social Media site(s)
  • Support Cross-Ban:  If at any point, someone comes into a partner’s stream and causes issues and gets banned, this is a mutual band across ALL TSA streams.  Meaning, get tossed out of one stream, you are tossed out of the entire ring.
  • Shout Outs:  While Streaming, mention the name(s) of at least (1) TSA partner or show their information while streaming.
  • One-time Membership Donation (Min. $5.00)
    • Why do I ask for this?  Basically, I want to make sure those who are involved in this partnership program take it seriously.  One way to deter some individuals, trolls, it to have a donation requirement for entrance.  This is NOT a monthly fee, only a ONE-TIME donation for life-time.
    • How do I make the donation?  Simply go to my channel and click the Support the Clown button or click here directly.
    • What if my husband or wife stream too, do we have to donate twice?  Yes, EACH stream is considered an independent partner of TSA and would require a separate donation.
    • What will I use the donation(s) received for?  I will use this to support TSA partners and streams within the circle.  This includes potentially supporting members with Turbo accounts, streaming costs, equipment/gear, software, etc.  Every bit counts and having this initial funding will support everyone as much as possible.
    • Who will be in charge of the donations and distribution?  As the head of the TSA partnership program, Profitz will be in charge of the donations received and appropriate disbursement.
  • Banner:  I am in the process of thinking about a banner to have view-able to show clear indication of this partnership on blogs, social media pages, and while streaming.  If you have some thoughts on this and having TSA in the title, are good with art, and have time to make a decent banner, just let me know.  Contact me via email: and send proofs.

More will be added as required.  This information will be on my blog and updated frequently as well as all TSA partners.

Basically, I am tired of being in streams run by respectful people and seeing immature trolls wander in and cause issues.  Some streams are family-friendly and younger viewers do not need to see the filth that pours out of people’s mouths.  I am personally putting a stop to this moving forward.


Hope to hear from some of you soon.  If you have questions, just email me or DM me via Twitter.