The Cross-Realm Podcast #11 with Lonedraction (My Son!)

“The mountain before the two seemed higher than the heavens and the clouds only brushed up against its knees.  Two friends, perhaps family, stood almost identical in look and thought.  United, they started the adventure before them and took each step in faith knowing that blood is thicker than water…” ~Profitz


In episode #11 of The Cross-Realm, I interview my own kin, my son and hardcore gaming enthusiast, Lonedraction!  This interview means a lot to me as I share some air-time with him.  Time flies and soon he’ll be off and exploring the world on his own.  How special it was to share these minutes with him, get some insight into his gaming experience, thoughts on XBox One vs PS4, MineCraft, Elders Scroll Online, Halo, Black Ops, Master Prestige level (I’m a double-master prestige in cotton candy, balloons, and small farm animal rides…wait..what?!), his favorite class/races in World of Warcraft, PVP, and his own YouTube project.

His mic wasn’t ideal but I recorded anyways…this was his first podcast/interview with me so it takes a bit to loosen him up but he gets there and enjoys sharing his thoughts.  Cool time.  I loved it!  Maybe my new co-host… WOOOOOOO!!!  The funny part listening back is all the noises (yes I keep it raw – this is HardCore Raw – dogs barking, lapping up water, doors slamming, ac/fans blasting, family injected comments, clicky-clackety keys, hell I think I even got some ghosts in here…a thousand ambient sounds to tickle your ears) in the background I can pick up.  Maybe the next podcast I’ll record live from Wal-Mart! Yay! :)

If you have a few minutes, give a listen!  Balloons are optional…pants are required (well at least for you…)

The Cross-Realm Podcast 11 with Lonedraction (MP3)

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