The Clown Gives Back – Mollzz Wins a Mount!

While streaming for a quick session after work, I decided to throw a surprise giveaway to the viewers who stopped in to say hi and hang out.  We had quite a lively discussion as always and it is awesome to have ANY/ALL viewers.  I am very honored people stop in and want to share some interaction while gaming.  Hopefully you enjoy the entertainment.  It use to be just me and hand puppets!  Glad to have you all.


Anyways, after washing down a few cold ones and approaching the two hour marker and almost ending the stream, I announced to the stream (34+ viewers present so chances were high to win) a quick free giveaway.  People were excited!  All people had to do is say something in the channel (I tried to gert them to say “Clowns Rule”) and many shouted it out!  After a few minutes to give everyone a chance to say something, I rolled the dice.

Congratz to Mollzz from the EU.  The prize was ANY mount from the Blizzard store (which was a $25 value).  Mollzz selected the Winged Guardian.  Moments later, the screenshot came in and Mollzz was happily flying the friendly skies compliment of your friendly Clown!


THANK YOU all for supporting my efforts in live-streaming.

Best regards,

Profitz (Ray)