Staying Positive Amidst a Sea of Negativity

Every day I read the social media sites with great interest to see who is blossoming into success.  On the contrary, I find many who have simply giving up on themselves and continue to spout out negative comments in a hope to probably catch attention and to bring down into the caverns of complacency who ever falls for the ill statements of a failing attitude and a shell of a person.

I am an optimist and always have been one.  Even in the very darkest hour, I believe there is light and that a single light can cut through the darkest of days.  How did I get this way?  While growing up, I have witnessed and experienced many of these days and even through the toughest of challenges, death itself and saying goodbye to loved ones, there is always something to look forward too and new beginnings.  By grabbing a hold of this and taking charge in my life, you can begin to steer it in your direction and accomplish whatever you set your mind out for.  I say this through experience, not as a mere cliché.   Believe.  Win.

So what does a person do when they find themselves slipping backwards in life?  Here are a few practical steps to take and each should be evaluated based upon the individual’s circumstances.  There is no one-size fits all approach to life.  You build out your own way as you go and along the way, you pick up tips and wisdom to help architect the perfect you.

Not in any order or priority:

  • TRUST CIRCLE:  Immediately seek out council from TRUSTED and LOYAL friends, family, or partners
  • NOT ALONE:  Know that what you are going through is NOT UNIQUE. Many have come before you and been successful in the exact same challenge.
  • BELIEVE IN YOURSELF:  Say this too shall pass.  Believe and see yourself on the other side of the problem and smiling.
  • POSITIVE THINKING:  Stay positive and saturate yourself in what makes you feel good
  • MUSIC MOTIVATES:  Listen to motivating music
  • SMILE and LAUGH:  A smile and a laugh is the greatest therapy there is. Try it!
  • CHANGE LOCATIONS:  Change rooms – by changing rooms, you subconsciously reset your thinking.  It works.
  • DO NOT STAND STILL:  Get up, move around, go outside and get fresh air

I hope the above helps someone.  There are a thousand ways to change your attitude and outlook on life.  The key is to change yourself and do not worry about changing someone else’s.  A person unwilling to change is unchangeable.

All my best and much success to you.


“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” ~Aristotle Onassis