Sharing IS Success

I cannot stop but wonder why some people do not want to share what they know.  There are no trade secrets, special sauce, or proprietary information in this game we play.  EVERYTHING everyone does, has already been done before by someone else, it is just a spinoff of that process with a dash of salt and pepper to make it tasteful to their liking.  Nothing more.  If someone tells you they have done something completely unique, they are lying too.  Notice the word completely there.

Do not get me wrong, there are a lot of innovators in this game that take existing gold making, battle ground, leveling both professions and toons, dungeons and raiding, and arena processes and revamp them to make them more successful, but the framework and original thought was already there.  It is either enhancing a process or simplifying it, as I like to do, but sharing is success.

What do I mean by this?  Simple.  If you know something that someone is asking, help them out and share what you know.  So many people have jumped on this Pay-It-Forward movement but yet, they look past their own backyard of neighbors reaching out for help and still do not share.

Also, do not think you are the best at something.  If you do, you are saying you have stopped and become complacent with where you are at and giving up on learning, growing, and becoming more successful.  Get the point?  There is NO TOP FLOOR people.  You can GO as high as you want in this game, endless as it seems sometimes, and as HIGH as you want in life.  Never settle for where you are at.  PUSH yourself and help others with a push if needed.SNAG-0304

Time and time again, people have asked me how to get started in this or that and that they have asked many people and no one wants to help.  I believe them. Why?  Because I was one of those people asking for help as well and honestly, and sadly, not many where there to lend the hand and advice.  Why?  Maybe because some people like to think that they hold something special even though that is a falsehood. Maybe they like to think that if they share something, they will lose out.  Maybe they like to think that if they share what they know, they will become obsolete themselves.  All of this, obviously falls under the self-conscientious phase of the individual(s).  Sharing ONLY makes the former knowledge stronger and more improved.  Try yielding sometime to new thinkers and watch ideas blossom into greatness.  And just think, you were there to share and become a part of the next generation of learners and gamers!  What a concept!!

Why am I taking the time to write this, because it is a part of sharing and starting RIGHT NOW, I want to hear your stories and struggles.  What do YOU need help with in the game?  What are you struggling with in blogging, or podcasting, or live-streaming, or gaming in general?  What are you trying to accomplish or where do you want to be?  What if we could JOIN TOGETHER, what a concept, and actually take a couple minutes a day and help people fish for a life time?

Email me at  If you want your stories to be private just let me know, otherwise, I will probably be making another post shortly summarizing the ones I receive. Either way, I look forward to your responses and remember, Sharing IS Success!


“Life isn’t about getting and having, it’s about giving and being.” ~Kevin Kruse

Last Modified on April 26, 2014
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2 thoughts on “Sharing IS Success

  1. Twitchythechin

    Ah, Mister Profitz. Back when I first embarked upon my quest to make a million gold before the drop of Warlords, I did a search of something like “WoW goldmaking tips”, assuming I would find a bunch of terrible for profit sites that sold dubious ‘guides’ to gold making. However, instead, I found this site and Phat Lewts, and a couple others. I learned a ton from all of you. And I am happy to report that on May 14th, after 126 days, I achieved my goal and gold capped one of my toons.

    So thank you for sharing your knowledge!

    • Excellent news and thanks for the update as to your progress! It is an awesome feeling to reach a goal and to know that the journey that you embarked turned into success as originally planned. Best to you and ALL your future gold making endeavors.

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