See You At The Top! (Live-Streaming Train)

Be yourself and NEVER let anyone in life tell you that you cannot do or achieve something.  Put your mind to it, SEE yourself achieving that accomplishment, and go for it.  Yes, there will always be hills and valleys but reaching the top and being your best requires effort and constant positive reinforcement.  We live in a world flooded with negativity and individuals, groups, only seeking to keep and pull people down into the shallows of incompetence and jealousy, where they themselves dwell constantly.

“Always continue the climb. It is possible for you to do whatever you choose, if you first get to know who you are and are willing to work with the power that is greater than ourselves to do it.” ~Ella Wheeler Wilcox

Recently, I set out a little while ago to become more involved in live streaming.  I can see myself really becoming a solid entertainer and one that people would want to come back to the channel and watch.  Why?  Because I am myself and will not compromise who I am to be like this person or that person or will not act like someone I am not.  No smoking mirrors.  I have very strong morals and I believe people with sincere values will enjoy what I provide and my viewership, my goals, will become a reality with like-minded-people.

I am also sure there will be some that come and go, and I believe this is a choice we all make for ourselves based upon our entertainment and how we want to spend our time, energy, and money.  Entertainment costs money.  We all spend a certain amount to play the game(s) we love on a monthly basis or have purchased the game/license, streaming videos on TV via NetFlix, Amazon, etc.  So be it.  I say spend it the way YOU want to spend it and enjoy it.  If per chance you are NOT enjoying yourself, then look into those selections and make the simply change.

What I dislike, and truly what motivates me even more, is when people/organizations tend to show favoritism outside of their own guidelines when promoting individuals.  It truly is their call to make policies and procedures in any fashion they want but what is that really showing about the company if they are hypocritically selective (choosing when to follow their policies and not) on who to support.

Thinking about it a little further, I am taking this as a personal challenge, like the gold making one, to completely unravel the live-streaming “business” aspects to ANYONE who wishes to become a streamer whether for the monetary dollars and the subscription button to support them to stream more and more, or the HOW TOs of getting more viewers.  Why? Because I think EVERYONE should be given the opportunity to be an entertainer and do what they want to with their time and energy.  I DO NOT believe in secrets.  I believe in sharing what I know openly and I have always done so.

Will this make me popular among the “big-time” streamers?  Who knows and personally I do not care.  I am going to build this live-streaming empire my way and going to promote as many people as I can along the way.  If people do NOT like what I do or stand for, then do not follow me.  Choose your own entertainment and enjoy it.  Very simple.

I was told that this is a competitive business to get into and only a few really make it.  I simply laughed and said mark your calendar because this clown is going to push his way up and I am dragging and army of streamers with me.  In a line from Breaking Bad, “Say My Name!”  Yes, you will know my name one way or another and you will be with me in this glorious push to success helping EVERYONE along the way or you will be in the wake seeing your viewers and subscribers coming over to my channel and those promoted by me.  Egotistical?  I prefer factual.  I am not one to be such a person I am merely stating what WILL happen.  *chuckles*

I am sharing some of my strong feelings here because I have a strong distaste for when people are turned away and things are unjust.  We see enough of this in the world we live in and now even in the virtual worlds we play in.  Friends, I am forty years old.  I am not a young pup so maybe I see things differently.  Either way, I am pushing my dreams in overdrive and going upwards.


See you at the top!

Ray (Profitz)