Captain’s Log: Star Date: 05 – 28 – 2014 09:52:00SNAG-0458
Project Terminus has been completed and the sun rose just the same this morning.  There is a sense of peace and less white noise of confusion as to which identity to assume today.  Staring at the list, void, a magical sense fills me with a renewed excitement of the journey ahead.  A journey which will lead to endless adventure in the lands of Azeroth.


Yesterday, out of the spurt of the moment, I announced a global purge of all my toons on my accounts.  I sent the Twitter announcement out and within minutes I powered up my stream and began the trip.  My Twitch stream was flooded based upon my channel title: “[PROJECT TERMINUS] – DELETING ALL Toons across Wow Accounts and starting over with BoAs only. 5 million + gold/asset purge.”  The toons which had more than 1,000+ gold on them, I randomly gave away to the first non-level 90 toons I ran into.  Yes, lots of trolls wandered in wondering and curious, but there was no time to deal with that.  I was focused and determined in carrying out this exciting project to a completion.

SNAG-0454After six full hours of working through toons LIVE on my channel, deleting 9 level 90’s, having every profession capped, 7 guilds, millions and millions of gold worth of transmog and assets, it came down to just 2 newly created level 1’s to hold all my BoAs.  One is stationed on my US account and the other on my EU account.  The other 5 accounts (yes, I have 7 total accounts 2 of which were US and 5 EU) I will let expire over time but are void of toons.

So here I am…a new beginning.SNAG-0457

Level 1.

Where one project dies, a new project emerges, one I have coined “Project ONE”.  This will be the rebirth of my toons ONE at a time.  Instead of having close to 100+ toons, I have decided to select and create ONE and work that toon to 90, and then start another if I feel the need.  Knowing I am an altaholic, this is surely to happen.  Regardless, I will probably be starting with a level 1 hunter.  I will max every toon across every class to 90 on BOTH factions.

Until we meet again,

Play Hard – Game Harder!


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  1. Bumblejinx

    I am looking forward to watching your journey.

    • Thank you my friend. It will surely be an adventure!

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