Profitz’ MEGA 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Giveaway (1.2 MILLION GOLD, PET, MOUNT, GAMETIME!)

As I head more and more into live-streaming on, I want to slowly build up a follower base (hopefully one of loyalty but that will take time to find the true followers).  Regardless, pennywiseafter watching several dozen high-end streamers with 5,000+ followers each (most of the ones I watch are amazing and very very entertaining, which is why they probably have so many followers but they all started somewhere or got a helping hand), it is apparent to get followers some form or giveaway or prize must be presented to ‘entice’ viewers to connect to your channel and watch.  Once people watch me once, I know most will like what they see and probably hang around…the others…probably only want the prize/giveaway and will NEVER like clowns again.

Tons of 
PRIZES in this Giveaway contest to provide a better chance to win for my Followers.  Several people will win 10,000 gold on the selected realms (10k/realm listed including the specific faction mentioned, some amounts are higher depending upon the donator), 1 person will win 30-days of game time, and lastly 1 person will win any single pet or mount from the Blizzard store.

1.  1.4+ MILLION TOTAL GOLD PRIZES:  Multiple Winners for Gold on Selected Realms:
Updated Google Docs Link Here


Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.41.03 PM

Screen Shot 2014-01-08 at 6.41.15 PM

Donations on the above realms were graciously received by the following, a COMPLETE list is on the Google Docs link above.
@NovitshTeaTime @PhatLewtsGold @WowGoldKing @RallyingCall @ManthieusMovies
@Goberpiles316 @Selltacular @8BitBruceGaming @AsteresPlanetai @Kushkitt3n @NevAHAddict
@Noroth @Tankgunz  @QueenWeeaboo @Fatherfajita @Xsinthis @Elepheagle @Pr0tigy @Warrior_Keals @Thenamssob @Socowow @MartinHatcher @TheMcfluffy @Julesburt

2.  GAME TIME:  (1) Winner:  30-day Game Card
(For a valid World of Warcraft account – valid email address required)

3.  SINGLE PET OR MOUNT:  (1) Winner:  ANY single Pet/Mount ($25/value)

4.  VICIOUS GRELL TCG LOOT CARD (1) Winner (Donated by @Shammyren)

Go to and click the ‘FOLLOW’ button. That’s it!  The winner(s) will be selected based upon ‘current’ followers at the time of the drawing which will be when I reach 1,000 followers (could be days or months – that depends on you!)

I will gather all the names of those who are Following me currently on Twitch and do a random roll ONE-TIME.  I will then contact the first person on the list and they will be giving a choice of (1) of the prizes.  The next on the list will get to choose, then so on and so on until all prizes are accounted for.  I will NOT be doing the drawing publicly but offline using my own randomizing program within Excel.  I may however post the winners and their prizes, maybe even with a screen shot of them as well in-game.  This remains to be determined.

This is hard to say and really depends on when my twitch channel reaches 1,000 Followers.  This all depends upon the support received, the cross-promotion of this giveaway competition and word of mouth.

Good luck to the winner(s).  I’ll be in touch once the 1,000 Followers threshold has been reached.  The sooner the better which involves some work on your side.  Re-tweet the posts and share the links….let’s get a frenzy going to support this clown!

Currently no.  But in all fairness to those who have contributed donations, I am thinking at some point, if this goes beyond one month in length, I might put a deadline to reach the 1,000 followers.  If it is not met, the giveaway will be cancelled or extended.  This remains to be seen.

NOTE:  CHECK back here often, I will be updating appropriately to the wording and content.  More prizes might be added.  Of course the disclaimer, prizes subject to change but will be updated here.  BOOKMARK and FOLLOW me on Twitch!

Questions on it:  Email me up or DM me on Twitter.

Happy New Year!

Profitz (Ray)

11 thoughts on “Profitz’ MEGA 2014 Twitch Stream Follower Giveaway (1.2 MILLION GOLD, PET, MOUNT, GAMETIME!)

  1. You’re gonna run out of characters for sponsors this weekend you’ll be like !*&^@!*(&^!@(*&^#!@(*&#^!@ Donation contributed by @whoever


    • You know it! I changed up the format to spreadsheet view. It was getting crazy to keep track of…it’s just blowing up!

  2. Ben

    I see that my realm (Silvermoon EU Alliance) isn’t listed, and i would like to donate 10k.

    • Hi Ben, thanks for your donation! Can you ping me on Twitter @WowProfitz? This is where I’ll be tracking and getting a hold of people. TY!

  3. Spitzenspark

    I will be glad to donate 25k gold for the Vek’Nilash/Nesingwary/Nazgrel Server. Contact me if you have any questions.

    • Thank you very much Spitzenspark for your donation! I sent you an email to gather a little more details on the gold amount, realm(s), and faction(s) for those realms, including whether this is for US or EU servers. Thank you again and I look forward to hearing back from you soon.

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