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Today, ladies and gents marks the ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of my website!  What a trip it has been and how time flies.  Back on January 26th of last year, I posted my introduction article to the online world to gold makers.  Here is an excerpt of that post:

So here I am. My name is Profitz (aka: Wireddreamer), and I’ve been playing World of Warcraft for about 6-7 years. And yet finally, I’m entering into the gold making adventure in World of Warcraft on a new realm and also for the first time. Albeit, I dabbled in gold making before and made about 200K but nothing to the extent that I set my reaches out for now, gold cap at a pretty 1 million on a new realm.

Not knowing, or even imaging I would now be involved in many aspects of online gaming and entertainment including podcasting and live-streaming.  I was honored to be invited as a guest on several shows including: PowerWordGold #57, ChaosPortal #16, LowPopWow #4, Happy Hour Round Table #1, Eviscerated #48, World of Darkness News #6, and WoDCast #3.  I would not be where I am today without all of you.  Those who have taken the time to help me, the list is TOO long to mention.  If you are reading this, you are one of those people who have helped me continue on.  Every single reader, podcaster, blogger, live-streamer I appreciate.  Thank you


I have also had the privilege of interviewing the following on my own Cross-Realm Podcast which came to light with its first episode on Valentine’s Day back in February 14, 2013.  Interviewees from the earlier shows included: Erogroth, Elvine, Cynful, GoblinRaset, PhatLewts, Jules Burt, Rez, Lonedraction, Harlequin.  I learned a great deal from many long time podcasters (I could write many posts on just this but you all know who you are – thank you and much respect) who took the time to teach me the basics, get me up and running, and also integrate with iTunes, Stitcher, and more for expanding the listener audience.  To those who liked my podcast, it has not died, I have a few folks on my want-to-interview list and scheduling the time to get those out there. Stay tuned!!


I received many testimonials which have touched my heart and made each step a little more easier and reassuring as I waded through some of the highs and lows of learning all this.  Here are some:

“Hello Profitz!
You really inspired me. Followed you silently since the beginning of your journey. You have a beautiful personality and a great approach to gold making and life in general.
Thanks for sharing your way to awesomeness!  Greetings, a girl from Germany (You inspired me to become a goldmaker, too. Thanks for that <3)”


“Just coming up to the end of week 10 (i think) since i began listening to the Lighthouse Project, and got to 100K gold!!! First time ever i have had this much gold! So thanks to Profitz for the tips, the project, and encouragement on Twitter enabling me to make it this far!”


“I’ve been playing since the end of 2005 and it is a rarity if I’m ever above 5k gold across all my toons. This past week I’ve decided that is no longer sustainable and looked into making gold. Thanks to your blog and several others I just broke 20k in about 5 days work.”



thank-you-mdIn my quest to who knows where I will be going, I have ALWAYS taken the time to get to know people, who I consider virtual close friends today.  I have also made a point to support and continue to support all those who I come across in my travels, one way or another.  Some I have donated gear/microphones too, others I have donated monetarily, others time and dedication to assist in troubleshooting issues and fine tuning podcasts and recording, cross-promotions, graphical images/banners, and simply being a loyal and trustworthy friend/supporter/and clown.  All of which it was my pleasure to meet such great people.  I am truly inspired by the hundreds of folks I call friends today all because of that first step I took back on January 26th of 2013.


Honestly, I do not know where I want to be in 2014, 2015, or beyond.  Unlike my gold-making endeavors to the million gold cap, I and just enjoying the trip.  I am finally enjoying myself doing what I like to do:  gaming, socializing, and entertaining people.  I look forward to continuing to grow my live-streaming channel a lot on  Thanks to ALL my gold making friends (new and old alike) who have helped with my MEGA 2014 Giveaway which was amazing and still to this date, I am in awe on the support! Even with this endeavor, I am stopping along the way and cross-promoting with a weekly Profitz’ Pick.  Sending folks to low viewer streams to Support UP!  In the end, hell, maybe I will be streaming full time on Profitz TV!  Regardless, I considering myself the Godfather of ‘middle-age’ gaming and will always have my priorities in order:  Family First over everything else.

Until next time my friend, I wish you all the best and thanks for your continued support.

Best regards,

Ray (Profitz)

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    Congrats on one year, Profitz! ANd thanks for all the excellent info!

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