Monday and I – Updates from Profitz

Maybe it’s just me or this Pink Floyd music is getting me in the writing mood for some deep thought provoking, gnome wackin’, killer internal stuff.  Yeah, something like that.  Anyways, how is everyone doing?  I wanted to take a moment and send you some positive thoughts on what I am up to and what you can expect from the Clown as we continue onward into 2014.


First, I am learning ALL of what I do through failure.  I learn to succeed through failure and sometimes that makes me into a better clown (I mean man).  When I face obstacles, even in real-life, I always remember what a former martial arts master told me, “seek to the heart of the problem to find true safety“.  A scriptural reference would be found in Ephesian 4:26, “…do not let the sun set while you are still angry“.  This is how I have been taught to deal with problems.  And it works great for me.   I face them head on and work toward a resolution and never go to sleep until it has been resolved the best way possible.  Dismissing challenges or obstacles is not in my blood and to me, only leads to prolonged periods of stress which quite frankly, I am not interested in.  Many of you probably do not know this, but I am an ordained minister.  Shocking?


Not really if you REALLY knew me as a person instead of this clown personality which sometimes I hype up to fit the role.  I am actually a very deep thinker, sincere family man, and one with a huge set of values that I personally will not break for anyone.  I hope that some day, some of you will get to know me on this personal level where I can call you a friend in real-life.

You will read about many of the thoughts and training I have learned over the decades in my motivational eBook when that is ready.  I will post details when it approaches but if you like my writing style and are looking for a boost to help you achieve your own real-life goals, this is something you would want to have in your library.


Planet Explorers

Yes, I have been focusing a lot of my time on live-streaming various types of games, mostly revolving around World of Warcraft, Wildstar, and miscellaneous Steam games.  I was talking with my son last night (you can find his Twitch channel here), and we might buy a new game a week (or every two weeks) and focus some time on streaming early access releases, indie, or betas.  We are discussing just bringing new content to the viewers when we can instead of the same old game and routine.  Spice it up a bit if you will.

In regards to World of Warcraft, I recently started co-streaming with a great friend of mine over at  We have started (2) guilds which are open to anyone of our viewers. In the US we have started a guild on Bleeding Hollow-Horde and on the EU side we are on Ragnaros-Horde.  If you are interested in joining either of these guilds, enter his stream or mine and simply ask.  Our guild name is “Santas Helpers”.  Why?  Check out GDace’s stream and you will know why right away.  What a class guy.  Several of us have joined together to get this guild off the ground in my RaidCall and it has been a great time.  Hope to see you there soon!

WildStar Gold Making – Profitz Style

I have also been in the BETA for WildStar.  This game has HUGE potential and as of right now, from what I have see thus far, am rating it a 8 out of 10.  It has great visuals, sounds, gameplay and many many aspects to the game to keep a player busy based upon what they like out of an MMO.  I can not wait for this and look forward to possibly pre-ordering soon.  Oh, btw the way, I am making gold on Wildstar already and yes, I will be providing content for making gold in this game too. FUN FUN!!


I also try to help viewers when they come into my live-stream on Twitch.  I am still a Level 1 Gold Maker (ducks from the throwing of rotten tomatoes and other obstacles that could hurt me).  I say this because I only dwindle with making gold and not really heavily focused on trying to reach 5 million gold or 10 million, etc.  I also only make gold now in small amounts based upon purpose of what I want to buy or need.  I still have almost a million gold liquid across my three accounts.  More than enough for me and my gaming.  However, it is still fun to have that thrill of a nice flip or two and hearing the *cha-ching* sound which NEVER get old.US side and the last on EU.  In total, including my wife, my son, and daughter, I pay for (6) accounts.  That is a lot of money going to Blizzard but hey, it is our form of family time and recreation.  Spend your coin the way YOU want to spend it if it makes you happy.I will always be making gold.  It is not a part of my normal game play and I could not see it any different.  I have (3) accounts personally that I play with.  Two of them are on the


There are many great video series out there including PhatLewts’ and Silenthunders’ on how to setup TradeSkillMaster.  I have personally used BOTH of their series to get different perspectives on setting up the addon to my liking and learning.  This comes to my point, you can learn from everyone based upon their teaching styles.  Therefore, I will be making my own video series focusing on the basics and fundamentals of gold making.  Like my LightHouse Project of old, the series will take you click by click through setting up each of the modules.  Look for this soon.  I will be releasing it one by one, module by module.SNAG-0137

There is also a BETA going on right now for the new TradeSkillMaster Application.  I would HIGHLY recommend taking a look at this post and seeing if you can get into the BETA.  There is an application process but you definitely have to see the exciting changes coming down the road for pricing.

Here is a funny ~4 minute video clip for you of me cooking egg whites with an on-the-fly recording. Hopefully puts a smile on your face and makes you laugh too.

Thanks for reading/watching folks.

I hope to converse with you on Twitter, Twitch, or in-game.


All my best,

Ray (Profitz)