Let The Gold Rain! – 1,000 Twitch.tv Followers Reached!!

After almost a month and a couple weeks, I have finally reached my 1,000 twitch.tv/wowprofitz follower goal!  I wanted to THANK each and everyone of you for helping me achieve this, especially those who have been loyal viewers as well as my gold making friends who have donated piles and piles of gold to spice this giveaway up!

With this giveaway approaching its final minutes, stream viewership spiked of course reaching one of my all time high viewers of nearly 70!  Of course this solely from the channel and retweets and support of many of you.  Again, thank you!

I exported the list of my viewers at the point-in-time there were 1,008 followers.  I randomized the list via Random.org LIVE (see video embedded below) and below are the (63) winners!  Congratz to all!  I will be contact each of them for which prize they want in a sequential (one at a time) process.


The complete Google Docs list is here with (3) Tabs:

Tab 1: The Total Prizes and Realms/Gold Amounts per Faction

Tab 2: The actual 63 winners!

Tab 3:  The TOTAL viewership (1008) at the time of the drawing.

Watch live video from WowProfitz on TwitchTV

I will contact each one separately starting from the top of the list.  I will give each person 4-days to respond to me selecting the prize of their choice.  If they do NOT respond in that window, I will then go to the next person on the list and they will get to pick first.  By doing this, I will be adding ONE to the bottom of the list from the total viewership (tab 3).  Feel free to stop by and check this tab frequently folks!  You never know…you could be a winner if people do not respond.

Onward and upward!  Of course 1,000 is a good base and a great place to be.  I look forward to continuing to grow as a streamer as well as my passion of helping other streams become successful as well!

To all of you, thank you!