Hearts to All!

I wanted to take a couple minutes and write down how thankful I am over the past month or so with everything that has been happening in the forward progression of my streaming.  With the MEGA giveaway now exceeding 1.6M gold and the many gold making friends of mine who have contributed to increase that amount drastically to the huge support in loyal viewership received bringing me now to 900 followers is amazing!  We are only 100 away folks!  This can be the greatest Valentine’s Day gift to me ever!?  You can help!  Spread the word as you have been doing!!

It has been an amazing trip so far and I wanted to thank you on this special Valentine’s Day message and news update.  I hope you are with your loved ones and if you can’t at least be thinking of them.


For those who have been following my stream over the past several days, you would have noticed


a picture-in-picture stream of someone else’s stream while they were drawing an AWESOME picture for me to use.  Lords and Ladies, let me introduce you to TheWowExp!

She is an awesome artist, gamer, and now virtual friend who I enjoy watching when she is streaming herself.  I would highly recommend FOLLOWING her channel and checking out her details on her page!  She also does commission work, which is what I partook in to receive this awesome clown image that I will not be using while streaming as a signature trademark!

Thank you very much my friend!!  I now know you love clowns over Yorkies! *winks*

Profitz’ Priceless Possessions

It started as a mere joke from some EU friends when I created my first ever account to play with them.  I came up with the title of Penetrating EU Realms and from there it quickly morphed into merchandise that people could buy as gifts.  Before long, a couple of them started to sell to my amazement so I created a few more products to list.  Special thanks to ManthieusMovies for the initial message on the TShirts!


It is Valentine’s Day…looking for a last minute gift or maybe preparing for next year and need a thong for that special party?  Look no further and stop in at Profitz’ Priceless Possessions!

When you do purchase something, please send me a picture of you wearing it or drinking from it. I want to have a fan page with Profitz’ merchandise listed (of course the underwear and thongs would be at your discretion to send a picture *coughs*).


Penetrating EU Realms


A few streams ago, I mentioned I was looking at getting another account specifically

for gaming with my EU friends.  Well, I got that and before long was welcomed with open arms by many.  Battle Tags were exchanged (thanks to all how quickly added me!!) including Recruit-a-Friend invitations from quite a few folks.  Out of respect, I took the first long standing RaF request and have been rolling ever since with Kill3r4TheWin.  Albeit, my account is only about a day old, many adventures have already taken place!  I have a Resto Shaman already at level 40 and one other on another realm.

I plan on making a few toons across realms and penetrating the EU as much as possible. *evil grin*

The sad part is I found out I could not send my heirlooms across zone.  This brought back old school memories of having nothing and fighting for everything you have to the point of even swapping out gray items for newer gray items with better stats!  Needless to say, I died like four times before reaching level ten!

SocoWow Flying Me Around!

I did not get invited to a guild until I was already level twelve and in StormWind (Yes, I rolled alliance because it was what the stream wanted at the time of the poll!).  One I was in the guild, I quickly made it a goal to get Honored with them and buy at least three pieces of BoA gear to start hammering up in levels.  The problem was, I had 4 silver to my name and nothing else but the armor on my back and small four slot bags with nothing in them but stacks of fur and ribs from boars!

I knew I could start making some coin on the Auction House so the fun began there.  Before long, the GuildMaster offered to give me some starting gold in the sum of 5,000 gold!  It was easy street after that.  BoAs are now pending Honored rep and about 20,000 gold worth of items are now listed on the AH!  *tee hee*

The journey continues and I truly love this experience.  I look forward to gaming with you all soon and thanks again for the support of my stream, content, and character.

All my best and Happy Valentine’s Day!

Ray (Profitz)

p.s.  Today also marks the 1 Year Anniversary of The Cross-Realm Podcast!  The first audio ever produced was back on Valentine’s Day in 2013! Time flies!  TCRP is not dead…just on break. :)

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