Gold Making Community Unites to Support the Clown

I have never felt more supported than I have over the last 24 hours.  At first it started out as a brainstorming idea with just a way of me trying to gain more followers on my  I have been watching some of the big time daily streamers for months now picking up little tips on how they do things (some I agree with some I do not).  I thought to myself, this cannot be hard as it seems to gain followers.

What all the big time streamers are doing is giving away prizes/gifts they receive from sponsors or huge subscriber donations from viewers.  More power to them and I respect all of them for doing what they do and taking the time they do to provide entertainment.  I personally enjoy watching several of them.  However, I am not sponsored nor have no backing so the only thing I could give away was gold and spending some of my own cash for a pet/mount and game time.  So there we have it…the dream started…

After posting up the initial post on my website, I was amazed and extremely impressed that other fellow gold makers (those I consider friends) wanted to donate gold as well for the cause. This to me was amazing.  In some responses I even responded back to them via Twitter simply asking “why would you want to help me?”  Their simple responses ranged from “because you helped me in gold making” to “because I like what you do” to “I simply want to help”.  All of which, truly were touching.  If you know me, you know I am a man of honor, respect, and truth.  This really did touch me on many levels.  I am very grateful.

Not too long after my initial post, I was overwhelmed with donations which now reach 27 Realms (spread across US an EU servers) from 18 donators amounting to the sum of 875,000 gold!  My iPhone never lit up more than it did with Twitter responses and DMs from people simply wanting to help.  A side cause has already been started as well lead by gold makers to take it upon themselves to work up new toons on realms not currently listed and then donate the gold they receive for this cause.  I am simply amazed.  Honestly.

Ultimately, I wish that all who are contributing know that I respect them and would help them, as I have done and continue to do, with their own causes, projects, endeavors, etc.  Leadership and friendship extended without question.

I want to stream more and like with my blog, podcast, and videos, I would like interaction to help others while streaming and simply provide a comical form of entertainment.  It is that simple.  I was asked on my stream the other night, which I am trying to stream several times a week now, if I am doing it for the money.  I laughed a little to myself and explained I am a working profession with 20+ years in Information Security/Risk Management.  My bills are paid and my family is provided for.  I do this NOT for the money but simply for the fun of streaming and enjoying virtual interaction with fellow gamers. 

Now, after saying this, if per chance this simple dream of streaming would ever lead to full-time capabilities with the same salary I get now (extremely unlikely) then of course.  Who would not want to play video games and make a living providing online entertainment?  This is not even a thought though.  I barely have 180 followers and those who are doing it full time have tens of thousands of followers and the same in live viewers and paid subscribers.  I am just a person who enjoys gaming and the social interaction with friends abroad.

This was just a basic number that I came up with as a starting place.  I figured based upon watching other streams, the followers are typically at around 10-20% viewing rate of all the total viewers.  This would mean my stream would have 100-200 viewers on average which is a dream for me.  If I receive more or less, I will continue to do what I do anyways simply for the love of gaming and entertainment.

In the end, I wanted to type this up if you wanted to help and not donate gold, there are other ways.  The Giveaway package now is amazing and there will be several dozen winners and prizes to choose from.  Probably one of the biggest gold giveaways to date from multiple sources and expanding as many realms as it does.  All thanks to you.

However, the question now is how to get this word out to the masses.  Here are some of my thoughts.

  • Post a small blog post on your own blog linking back to the details here.  Novitsh created an achievement banner for me as well which you can find on his blog or my own website at the top.
  • If you have a podcast, take a couple minutes to talk about this on that.
  • If you are on other gaming related sites or social media, promote it there (Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, etc)
  • Any other suggestions?

Thank you all from my heart for your support.  This was never expected and I will never forget these acts of kindness.

Deepest respect,

Ray (Profitz)