Goal Accomplished: 2k Twitch Followers!

FRONT Page on Twitch!

With a standing ovation, last night with almost 100+ live viewers watching, I achieved my 2nd goal on my Twitch.tv/Wowprofitz channel of 2,000 followers!  I shared this accomplishment with many virtual friends and loyal viewers who have been with me since the beginning of this crazy journey.  Through all the highs and lows, hills and valleys, we made it to the mountain together and one step at a time, one viewer at a time, we gained enough respect and admiration to achieve 2,000!  I want to make it clear, without ALL of your support, this would not have happened to me and provided me with the pleasure of being considered a good entertainer for you to watch and support.  Thank you!

As you all know, I love gaming and I love being social.  There should not be anything more important to a streamer than first, having fun and loving what you are doing, and with a close second simply enjoying the social aspect of it with viewers (if you are doing it for the $$, you have already failed).  To me, as I mentioned in my stream, it is NOT about the numbers more so than the familiar names (faces) I see coming back to the channel and making it a well-established entertainment hangout (notice I did not use ‘community’ here.  Why? Because I think the term is overused and quite frankly, there are no communities that I would consider honest, one of integrity, and loyal unless you build them yourself from ground up and quickly squash any time of favoritism or cliques.  Everyone is equal in my stream and cared for as individuals).

2K Followers w/Family & Friends

As I sit back in reflection, I am typing this with a smile.  I am grateful for where I am at right now but of course will not become complacent.  I have a lot of plans that I will be carrying out with all of you as supporters, viewers, and more importantly friends.  My plans will bring this twitch channel to the top of the mountain where I will be helping continuously, people become successful themselves (those who are loyal, honorable, have the right intent, and have integrity that is) in their own endeavors of gaming, live-streaming, blogging, podcasting, or even in life.  That has been my goal since the birth of my blog.  To help others.

With the growing channel, I will be selecting a few (probably 3-4) new moderators to help me keep the channel to my high standards.  With this announcement, I have requested anyone who has been very active in my stream to send me a direct message via Twitch for consideration showing your interest.  From this group, I will review and announce the new mods.  I want to take this moment now to welcome the first new moderator which I announced last night during our very successful and productive stream, HammerTime82!  He has been very helpful, active, and very quick to assist newcomers with how things are in my stream.  This is the type of moderation I look for.  Someone who is quick, wants to help, and when they can (real life is always first guys) drops in the channel and provides some support.  Thank you HammerTime82!  I am honored to have you on my team.

1st Toon: Level 90 Orc Hunter

Additionally, I have capped my FIRST new Level 90 toon on Tichondrious-Horde (US).  My hunter is now level 90 and stationed out on Timeless Isle for gearing.  As mentioned earlier and a part of my ‘plans’, was to establish a new guild once I reached level 90 focusing primarily on social fun, in-game events, world pvp, progression, etc.  Hence, the birth of “GANK LEGION” on Tichondrious-Alliance (US) as well as Outlands-Alliance (EU).  I will be making subsequent guild(s) on the Horde side as well for any viewer who wants to join as long as they are mature.  Trolls will be dealt with accordingly.  Also, I started my new Alliance toon which is a Human Protection Warrior.  I did this with the GANK LEGION guild among family and friends.  We currently have about 15 members who were very eager to roll new toons and help get this started right.  Thanks again!

Well folks, it has been a great adventure thus far and we made it to my 2nd goal and now it is time for the next goal of 2,500 followers.  I am only adding an additional 500 instead of 1,000 because it is important to have smaller goals that tie up into medium, and then long term goals.  Progression and achieving the platform for the next goal is extremely important in goal making and in life.

Until we meet again, may you enjoy your adventures in-game and in life.

All my best,