The Cross-Realm Podcast #15 – Projects Galore

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Welcome listeners, new an old alike, to The Cross-Realm Podcast #15!  I appreciate you taking the time to listen and as always, if you have comments and feedback, get in touch with me via email or twitter.

In this episode, we cover a variety of new and future projects and the introduction of a new microcast-monthly release of The Cross-Realm Podcast instead of weekly or bi-weekly as prior releases were done.  This will allow for more time in producing some new content as well as reporting on it.  Plus, hey, I got stuff I do in real-life ya know! *winks*



Say Anything – Wow, I Can Get Sexual Too


  • The Cross-Realm Podcast:  Once per month or special segments that are news worthy
  • Microcast segments – 15-20 mins – listen on the go/lunch time at work, school, etc (practical)


o   Project TERMINUS

o   ProjectONE (1st step to altaholics anonymous) – currently level 74 (BM Hunter) – Tich/Horde/US

o   Breaking Bad Gaming

o   The Golden Keg (Now quarterly)

o   Twitch – Approaching 2,000 followers (41K + total views)

o   20th Week of Profitz Pick of the Week

o   Project Solo (IronMan NO AUCTIONHOUSE Challenge)

I hope you enjoyed this month’s episode of The Cross-Realm Podcast! Stay tuned for next month’s release!

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The Cross-Realm Podcast 15 – Projects Projects (MP3)


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