First Impressions Highlight: Warlords of Draenor ALPHA

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My first impressions of Warlords of Draenor, in the end of the ALPHA and beginning of the BETA phase, is exceptional.  I think the game of course needs some apparent fixes and stability but this would be expected as a software company strives to go through multiple cycles of code releases and bug fixes through development environments to testing and then eventually general release to the masses of Azerothian disciples waiting to storm the new content.  And new exciting content they shall find!!

SNAG-0634Upon first entering the game, at the character selection screen, you notice the differences in character models.  The maturity of the graphics, textures, meshes, etc, are incredible compared to existing models in all of World of Warcraft’s expansions right up through Pandaria.  I must say though, Pandaria has some awesome landscapes but the color differences in Warlord’s scenery is more vibrant, the models carry more life like markings (veins in arms, muscle toning, movement of the models, movement of the hair and gear, etc).  Well done Blizzard!SNAG-0639

I have also noticed a huge amount of World PvP in the starting areas as both factions clash in quest lines.
To me, this is amazing and was almost like a 100 vs 100 world pvp event!  Everywhere you saw people you could kill, your own faction, and mobs sprinkled in.  Bloodshed from the Azeroth heavens!!  Also, on various quest lines, you have to run through the opposite faction to get to their side for quest turn ins while they are doing the same on your side.  Whether you stop and PvP is up to you.  Of course I did and sometimes others jumped in and it turns into a mini-world pvp event. (If only I had my keybinds that I was familiar with, I swear I could have won some of those pvp battles! *winks*)

I will be posting a few more in-depth posts as I start combing through the BETA for bugs.  I have already noticed a few issues with recalling pets on hunters.  All of this should not be discouraging though. The purpose of a BETA tester is just that, not to strive to gather a bunch of gear and lose sight of finding and trying to break things.  It is not about obtaining level 100 the fastest either.  The more testers who understand this, the better the release will be.  So if you are a tester, take your time.  Go through ALL aspects of the game, all the menus, all the mechanics and interact with all in-game systems.  The more people cover and report, the more pleasurable and entertaining the experiences will be for players upon launch.

Until we meet again,

Happy gaming!


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  1. I am not a alpha/beta tester but I was glad to see your comments regarding the “duties” of a tester. It is very true that those who are selected to test, it is you we (the masses) are depending upon to report the issues of all aspects of the game to ensure a pleasurable game experience upon release. Well stated and thank you.

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