Making Gold – Shinn Style!

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Gold making does not have to be overly complicated.  Rather, I fancy myself on earning gold as EASY as possible.  When I learn something new, I always try to break it down to its simplest form and make it repeatable.  If there is something I do not understand, then I ask others who have already done what I want to do.  The important point here is, you can make just as much gold as anyone else, whether you are new or have been doing this for years and are just getting back into the game.  What does it take?  Time, dedication, and a little risk to try new things.


What I wanted to take a moment and highlight here is a special person in the gold making community that really needs a shout-out for his efforts in helping people learn gold.  He is a stand up gent, live-streamer, and fellow blogger.  His name is The00shinn and his website is here. I am sure you might have heard of him already or have browsed his website dedicated to teaching others how to make gold.  If not, I would invite you NOW to please bookmark his site and also his stream and catch him live.


I recently learned from this gent a very simple process of making gold involving investing copper and silver pieces on vendor mats and selling for a decent wedge of gold.  Yes, you heard me right.  This very simple process can make you some substantial starting coin if you are new to the game or trying to break into a new realm with a new toon.  Give it a try!  I did and I am already making coin.


Thank you sir for showing me this the other day on your stream and sharing your thoughts and wisdom with us gold makers.  You are a valuable part of the gold making community.  Keep leading the charge!

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