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My Wife and I – Happy Holidays!

And so it was, the year of 2013 slowly drifting into the shadows as another year of fond memories with family, friends, and of course gaming.  As I stare out my double-glass sliding doors into the back yard, snow elegantly falls at a steady pace blanketing the woods in a veil of cold white bliss.  What will 2014 bring to the table?  Who knows, one can only hope for the best and keep pushing for greatness in everything he or she does (personally and professionally).

Dr. Psych Please Report To The White Room

I have finished up this year from school and now off until Spring time of 2014.  I only take 2 courses/year through a tuition reimbursement program where I work.  I figured why not take advantage of a free education.  So far I am holding a high A average (maybe 10-15 years I will have a PysD designation at the end of my name…imagine a clown a Doctor??) and look forward to English Composition in the Spring.  I love writing (go figure!).

Gaming and Gold

I have recently moved my level 25 guild from Darkspear (Alliance) to Auchindoun (Alliance) for a change of scenery.  As many of you know, those who have followed me previously, Darkspear is where I gold capped for the first time and shared my experiences along the way.  During this transition, I moved over half-a-million gold with my guild and before my departure on the highly pop realm of Darkspear, bought a few gifts for family and friends.

Why Auchindoun?  Well, the friends and family I play with were bored.  Many pretty much stopped playing, myself included, for a month or two.  To revive the gaming sensation, we decided to randomly pick a realm and just start fresh.  I listed all the existing US realms in a spreadsheet and randomized what we were going to call home.

I am pleased with the move.  The World PvP on this realm is incredible and since it is virtually connected to LaughingSkull, it is now a medium pop realm whereas before it was low.  Interestingly enough, we also play Alliance here and this realm is cross-realm connected to Illidian, which if you do not know is 99.999% horde so there are plenty of people to farm and enjoy pvp.  Leveling my rogue has proved to be very entertaining (takes a moment to put another notch on his belt).  Let us continue!

In regards to Gold making, yes, I still make gold and enjoy doing it.  Looking back to when I was just a lil’ clown with no knowledge of this world of gold making and dark secrets, it was so fun.  Now, it is just a matter of routine.  When I want something, I know how to earn to get it and that is about it.  There is always the thought of trying to amass my next million tier but it quickly fades into just a dream quickly dismissed.  I enjoy playing the game now more than ever.

Happy Holidays

To all those reading this blog still, I wish you and your families well and Happy Holidays into 2014!  Remember, that even when challenges come, no matter how small or large the obstacle is you face, keep your chin up and know light even shines in the darkest of moments.  Achieve greatness by learning to fail.


All my best,

Ray (Profitz)

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