Reflecting Back with a Smile

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Last night I opened up my gold-making spreadsheet when I first started tracking my progress earlier in the year on my quest to gold-cap and printed out my “Millionaire’s Club Member Certificate” (so what if I made one up and printed it out myself from MS-Word…like someone would do with educational degrees today) in the World of Warcraft.  A smile came on my face as I went through the day-to-day and month-to-month statistics.  It was an amazing journey and I am glad I took the time to reflect back.  Learning and sharing is what makes you a better person (even if this is in a virtual world where sometimes you never know the face-behind-the-keyboard).  No matter how tough and controversial things get in the community, remember who you are and extend that hand to others as a true leader would.

Maybe it is this time of year but I am blessed to have friends in this virtual landscape, especially in Azeroth (believe it or not, I have friends in RL too but I save all the balloons for your guys exclusively!  Do not tell them…they do not read this blog. Weeeeeeeee).  Social media sometimes brings their voices closer to me like I would be having a conversation with them over Skype or in person.  I am thankful for this and I am thankful for you readers.

What are you thankful for this time of year?

Perhaps you think of someone, something, everyday which helps drive you forward and push yourself toward being successful.  Having a beautiful family and being married is what I live for truly.  (Side note here, congratz again to Jim and April over at for the birth of their beautiful baby girl.  Being a dad is the greatest achievement you will ever obtain).


This past Saturday night, I opened up a ticket to work with Blizzard on helping me merge accounts and multiple wow accounts.  They were successful after a couple hours with support.  As some of you know, I created a new WoW account to do RaF with a friend (he recruited me on my new account).  At first, the two accounts were separate and I could not share BoAs (Bind on account items) across this.  When the GM told me I would be able to once they were merged into ONE account, I was elated and so looking forward to it.

Well, it worked.  When I launch the BETA Wow client, I have a drop down to select either wow1 or wow2 (named differently but you get my point) and login appropriately to play the toons I want to play.  Right away, I then tried sending my BoAs from my Warrior on one realm to the warrior on my other account, different faction and realm.  It said it went!  I switched over and there was nothing in the mailbox but it did state there was something there (mini-map icon message stating you received an email from my toon). However, no mail or items.  I was scared at first thinking I might have lost the 6 items I just sent over.  Then I thought of all the balloons I have blown up over this past year for all of you and calmed down and looked at this crisis more logically. *wipes a tear*

The problem was, they still are ‘two’ different wow accounts as far as the game goes so it would be like sending something to another player.  Yes, it took 1 hour to receive but I did receive them eventually.  Then it came to me…what if I had both toons in the same Guild…would the Gmail perk work?  Well, blessed be the gods, it worked!  So I basically send BoAs back and forth to each other across-Wow accounts (cross-account, cross-faction, and cross-realm) with no issue not and get them instantly.  LOVE IT!!

RaF is fun and we are doing it 3-way (wait, that sounded kinda kinky…you pervs!!).  My friend recruited me and I recruited my friend’s son.  We are blazing a trail and enjoying Azeroth.  And to think we have 90 days of 345%+ exp gain!!  (If you want a breakdown of the math, Jim Younkin made a great post about it and his Super 11 Alt leveling post at  I highly recommend reading this if you are doing RaF or thinking about it.)


Well that is where I am at currently.  I opened up my Audacity the other night as well and spoke random things while recording them went through the motion of editing it and deleting it.  Dusting off the rust…maybe…you will hear something from me soon!!!  Muwhahahaha.

All my best,

Ray (Profitz)

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