My Mistweaver Monk Misfire Tips (M2T)

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We *dinged* level 85 last night after about a total of 11 hours played time (this of course includes idle time, bio breaks, sending over items, gold, etc to support leveling).  It took us about 2 ½ hours to level from 80-85 and that is without a single grant-a-level.  Went pretty good and smooth sailing after the 50’s range.  To me, the 50’s are still the slowest leveling, probably because I hate those damn Blackrock dungeons!!  (And Blizzard is going to make them heroic in the next patch/expansion?  Yay!  NOT!)

Anyways, I am playing my first Mistweaver Monk ever and I must say it is a fantastic experience.  At first I did not know if I wanted to play a Disc Priest or a MW Monk.  I played a Disc Priest as my main all through LK and loved it.  I am happy I chose the monk first though.  What a great time and I truly enjoy learning all the new spells and such.  This class is kick ass!

Along the way, while learning this class that is, I wanted to post some of my experiences as ‘things NOT to do while healing’.  I hope you enjoy this list of smart-guide-tips.  LOL

My Mistweaver Monk Misfire Tips (M2T) of what NOT to do.  Some of these I tweeted yesterday if you follow me on twitter.

  1. Monk Rolling
    Monk rolls are awesome and you look cool dashing and rolling around like a ninja when using this ability.  However, it is not cool when you are flipping around like a fish and roll into a tree trying to get away from mobs.  Watch where you roll and friends don’t let friend’s roll alone <insert 4:20 Club membership here>
  2. Spinning Green Kicks
    As you are staring at your wonderful spinning crane kick and the pretty green healing numbers is produces (this spell freak’n does damage to enemies AND heals your party!!  \m/)…your mana is being sucked up.  Use with caution.
  3. New Spells
    Try to read new spells AFTER you are out of the dungeon or in a non-threatening situation, especially when you look up after reading a paragraph and your entire party is dead and you have 100 red angry mobs about 10 yards away.  MONK ROLL!!
  4. Monk Bubble
    Oh Look…Life Cocoon!  This is sweet.  *casted it on someone as soon as I got it*  This is completely awesome!  *goes to cast it again* Oh damn, it has a 2 minute CD.  awwwwww.
  5. Screenshot Glamor
    You are enjoying the class so much you mess around with the camera angle to get JUST the right screenshot to post in this article while your party is barely alive and shouting profanities because you are *** ***** ****** **** **  as a healer.  LOL.  But I did get the shot!


Here are just a few starter ones.  I will share more as the quest continues to 90.  I am learning how to control mana at this point.  The Mana Tea procs I am figuring out and for the most part, I remain 60-80% mana unless sh!t hits the fan then I dip to sub 10% and end up drinking.

Do you play a MW Monk?  Have tips for mana management and overall healing?  Send me an email.

Until next time…happy leveling/gaming.



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