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As the world looks on in anticipation of 2014 rolling in, so do many fitness fanatics and weight loss challenges abroad.  I have to admit, I packed on the pounds and probably weigh the most I have ever weighed in my life, a staggering 250 pounds!  Yes, I fit the ideal clown weight or maybe the new model for the Michelin Man but not really where I should be for my height and overall health. michelinman

I am obese as most Americans are but there is one difference, I am not happy where I am at.  I want to get to where I was feeling my best at 185 pounds a couple years ago.   So, as many will put on their final fancy 2013 New Year’s Eve attire, sprinkle holy water on themselves for the night of debauchery ahead, do a little jig, and down a few tankards of suds, their resolutions will be whispered to the gods and goddesses above for support and strength.  And like most, there I will be with them making my goal of achieving my ideal weight of 185 pounds by my 41st birthday in August, 2014.  The date has been set!

Over the past decade, I have always struggled with my weight.  I would try the fad diets (everything I tried, you name it) and my weight would come down and then go back up.  There was only one thing that worked for me and that was just learning how to eat right, cook right, and moderately exercise.  I have always been an exercise rat so this is not the problem.  I know what to do, it is just doing it.  So there we have it, Motivating Measures.  My blogging hot-topic I will be posting about frequently on this blog.  Like I did with my million gold-cap journey, I will be tracking weight loss, body fat, % of weight loss, measurements, etc.

If you wish to join me, I would love to have a few people come with me on this journey.  If you are interested and have a few fitness goals of your own, send me an email with YOUR personal goals and when I post updates about myself, I will include you too.  Let us motivate each other in conquering our goals for 2014 and becoming healthy!

2014, I will master you and will also master my body.

One pound at a time…fat to in-shape I go.

Ray (Profitz)

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