"In the mind of the expert there are many opinions. In the mind of the beginner there are no opinions. Therefore, all new knowledge begins with the beginner's mind."

~zen wisdom

The Clown Turns 41!!

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Wow! Thanks everyone for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday today. It’s very kind of you all and greatly appreciated. Another year younger! I can’t believe how 25 feels. It’s awesome! *coughs*
Time does fly by for sure. I’ve learned a lot over the years, mostly through my own failures but through failure I’ve achieved success. I wouldn’t change anything in my life right now, well minus getting my fat ass back into shape but that is on-going and I will get fit again! Other than that, I’ve always appreciated the smaller things in life. A simple smile. A warm gesture from a friend that you were not expecting. Being with my family and just enjoying a cool breeze, the sun on my face, and being with friends. To me, family first and there is no place like home. The saying goes, home is where the heart is …

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Profitz’ 15th Wedding Anniversary!

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To my lovely wife, Happy 15th year Anniversary!
We have been together for 18 years now, married for 15, and I would not change a moment of that. Yes we have had our share of trials like everyone does, the ups and downs of life, but together we weathered the storms holding each other’s hands and sometimes even carrying the other to safety. At the end of the day, we always smiled at each other, said we loved each other, and held each other while we dreamed of lands afar.
Thinking back, I would do it all over again. We have two beautiful and awesome teenagers, some great friends, and a house over our heads and all the necessities of life. Every hour I spend away from the family is for the family. I think of you always and look forward to everyday seeing the twinkle in your eye and the smile …

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Dark Undertones – A LIVE Fantasy Campaign COMING SOON!

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In the days of magi and soldiers of arms, when the skies were dark and crawled with many celestial eyes of deities upon the frailty of humanity below, there were four souls who were brought together for a destined purpose.
The Four, though they have come from distant lands afar, with different beliefs and deities of their own that which is unknown to the others, they stand together this day but for how long.
Shall we meet our adventurers?
From the depths of the soils and dark cities below comes one of great strength and fortitude.  One who bares the mark of ancient tongues only understood by his brethren clansman, a Duerger Dwarf of the IronFist Clan.
Hailing from the lofty hills of Tyrincoryn comes one with great speed and mastery over the lands with eyes as keen as a sky hawk and as quick as a bow in mid-flight.  Elegant and yet mysterious, …

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Now Officially Sponsored by @MetallicDiceGms!

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There is nothing better than when goals and hard work comes to fruition.  I am a strong advocate of simply being yourself no matter where you are and living by a certain set of standards that are simply dismissed today among many people.  By having this standard, a creed of honor and integrity if you will, good things happen to those who are persistent, help and put others first, and just continue doing what they do despite the negativity around them. It is a great feeling at the end of the day to lay your head on your pillow and think of the people you have helped throughout the days, months, and years.  As I said before and strongly believing it, it comes back one hundred fold and I guess it is my time to receive a little something special.
Last week I migrated, due to personal reasons from my former …

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Staying Positive Amidst a Sea of Negativity

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Every day I read the social media sites with great interest to see who is blossoming into success.  On the contrary, I find many who have simply giving up on themselves and continue to spout out negative comments in a hope to probably catch attention and to bring down into the caverns of complacency who ever falls for the ill statements of a failing attitude and a shell of a person.
I am an optimist and always have been one.  Even in the very darkest hour, I believe there is light and that a single light can cut through the darkest of days.  How did I get this way?  While growing up, I have witnessed and experienced many of these days and even through the toughest of challenges, death itself and saying goodbye to loved ones, there is always something to look forward too and new beginnings.  By grabbing a hold …

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