"In the mind of the expert there are many opinions. In the mind of the beginner there are no opinions. Therefore, all new knowledge begins with the beginner's mind."

~zen wisdom

Witnessing Success through Integrity and Truth

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There are only a handful of people who truly are inspiring in the live-streaming community today.  At least to me.  Of course there are thousands upon thousands of live streamers.  Several are purely out for themselves and just trying to make some coin from viewers across several avenues of commerce.  There is nothing wrong with this and you can pretty much tell within moments of joining a stream if this is the case.  Also, some have the ability to stream full time, which of course, is pretty awesome if you think about it.  I  always say do what you love.  If this is live streaming full time, then do it wholeheartedly and reach for the stars!  Forget those who are negative.  Let them stand in awe of your success.
Regardless of the intention of the streamer, it really comes down to content, personality, listening, and interacting with viewers.  To me, that is …

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The Cross-Realm Podcast # 14 – Get Back

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The Clown is back in the recording seat bringing you the NEXT episode of The Cross-Realm Podcast with #14 in 2014!  Wow, it has certainly been awhile since my last podcast posted on August 18, 2013.  The best thing about having your own schedule and doing your own thing, you set the dates and times when you want to continue.  If people are still interested, they will listen and enjoy.  If they are not, they will move on to entertainment of their fancy.
I have not touched Audacity since then so I was a little rusty editing this podcast so you will notice some volume issues and such, but hey, I am getting back into it and its not bad at all.  I enjoyed it and all of this is pretty much off the cuff.  I like recording and doing my shows extemporaneously.  The pace is actual conversation pace.  I hope …

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Making Gold – Shinn Style!

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Gold making does not have to be overly complicated.  Rather, I fancy myself on earning gold as EASY as possible.  When I learn something new, I always try to break it down to its simplest form and make it repeatable.  If there is something I do not understand, then I ask others who have already done what I want to do.  The important point here is, you can make just as much gold as anyone else, whether you are new or have been doing this for years and are just getting back into the game.  What does it take?  Time, dedication, and a little risk to try new things.

What I wanted to take a moment and highlight here is a special person in the gold making community that really needs a shout-out for his efforts in helping people learn gold.  He is a stand up gent, live-streamer, and fellow blogger. …

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Monday and I – Updates from Profitz

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Maybe it’s just me or this Pink Floyd music is getting me in the writing mood for some deep thought provoking, gnome wackin’, killer internal stuff.  Yeah, something like that.  Anyways, how is everyone doing?  I wanted to take a moment and send you some positive thoughts on what I am up to and what you can expect from the Clown as we continue onward into 2014.
First, I am learning ALL of what I do through failure.  I learn to succeed through failure and sometimes that makes me into a better clown (I mean man).  When I face obstacles, even in real-life, I always remember what a former martial arts master told me, “seek to the heart of the problem to find true safety“.  A scriptural reference would be found in Ephesian 4:26, “…do not let the sun set while you are still angry“.  This is how I have …

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An Open Letter of Expression

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This morning something happened to me that made me really sit back in my chair, literally, and evaluate my existing position and direction.  After spending countless hours providing entertainment to those who enjoy viewing people game, provide instruction, and also just socialize with viewers, is it wrong to have a donation button or simple ask for donation(s) to support anything you do.  Here’s my take what I agree with and disagree with.
First, I am open about anything and everything I do.  I am not one to shy away from debates or social encounters about sensitive topics.  I am also not one to be persuaded away from what I believe in.  I AM though, one who will be the FIRST IN LINE to say when I thought one thing and now think another or have made a change in thought.  This probably sets me apart from many people who simply try …

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