"In the mind of the expert there are many opinions. In the mind of the beginner there are no opinions. Therefore, all new knowledge begins with the beginner's mind."

~zen wisdom

My New Health/Wellness Site! (MUST SEE!)

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I’m happy to announce the release of my new website.  What I have to offer is incredible and I hope some of you take the time to invest in yourself for your own health/wellness and get in touch with me today.
My success so far within 5 weeks has been 22 lbs, 30 total inches across the body and 6″ off the waist alone!  Unbelievable!
Hope to hear from you soon!
I will also be linking this off my WowProfitz.com site.

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Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!

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Sunday’s Thought of the Day – Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams!
It is interesting when I talk to people about their financial goals in relation to living out their dreams and passions in life. It is sad how so many have just given up on themselves and what they wanted for their families. They simply stopped dreaming. Dismissed the goals they had. They are in a continuous cycle of a simple routine of building someone else’s dream doing to a 9-5 daily and not stopping to think if this is all that life has to offer.
Think back for a moment when we all were kids. We thought and believed we could achieve anything and had the biggest hopes and goals in life to become this or that and to be able to do this or that. Our parents perhaps told us to aim high or shoot for the moon! What …

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Exciting Beginnings – Taking Control of Health

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As many of you know, I’ve been attempting to get back into shape for quite some time. Health is just as important as family is to me and I must say, I’m not where I want to be. Lately it seems every step forward is a couple steps back and I’m just spinning in an endless circle of unhealthiness. There always seems to be one excuse after the next which sets me back or simply prevents me from moving forward.
However, the one thing I have is a good heart and a strong sense of …remaining positive in the toughest and darkest of times. Remaining positive and continuing to search for a way that will help me get to where I want to be was challenging but now, I’m typing this with a smile because I FOUND IT and I have a few people I want to thank for taking the …

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TradeSkillMaster Crazy Idea Contest!!

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Standing at the Auction House deciding what to buy and what to sell has never been easier with the in-game TradeSkillMaster addon suite.  It’s diversity and AH prowess is unparalleled to any other World of Warcraft addon and continually has active developers leading the charge with insightful tips and suggestions from all of its users across the planet.  It is amazing…but you know what is more amazing?
The next versions to come with YOUR “Crazy TradeSkillMaster Ideas”!!
Yes, the developers of TradeSkillMaster are opening the flood gates in a new contest that everyone is invited to participate in.  This contest will grant anyone who uses the addon to submit crazy next-gen ideas for them to review and make a decision upon.  Think about that for a minute.  Can you imagine your idea gets put into the next version(s) of the application for all to use?  Perhaps you’ll even see your name in …

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The Clown Turns 41!!

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Wow! Thanks everyone for taking the time to wish me a happy birthday today. It’s very kind of you all and greatly appreciated. Another year younger! I can’t believe how 25 feels. It’s awesome! *coughs*
Time does fly by for sure. I’ve learned a lot over the years, mostly through my own failures but through failure I’ve achieved success. I wouldn’t change anything in my life right now, well minus getting my fat ass back into shape but that is on-going and I will get fit again! Other than that, I’ve always appreciated the smaller things in life. A simple smile. A warm gesture from a friend that you were not expecting. Being with my family and just enjoying a cool breeze, the sun on my face, and being with friends. To me, family first and there is no place like home. The saying goes, home is where the heart is …

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