LootAppraiser Guide

Dear fellow farmers in World of Warcraft, I have just finished a video highlighting the features of LootAppraiser as well as developed a guide (available in PDF format from my Google docs directory) for the installation and quick-start configuration.  This quick start PDF guide is to walk you through the pre-requisites of LootAppraiser which sometimes

Profitz’ Gold Making Series Vol 2: TSM3 UI Changes

Greetings friends! I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know I have officially released the first of my TradeSkillMaster (TSM) version 3 videos!  As most of you know, TSM3 is still in a closed-beta release (invite only) with a rumored open-beta release within a month or Soon’ish ™.  My TSM3 video series will

Understanding the Craft of XMog

Time and time again, viewers come into my stream and ask, “What is the best/fastest way to make gold” or how they are involved in xmog and “nothing sells” or “xmog does not work” and even, “it sucks”.  Although I find these comments pretty comical, there is validity to the statements.  Yes, these statements do hold